English antiques: a passion, then the work I have always loved.


Personally selected in England, with their beauty and functionality, 19th century English furniture and antiques blend well in everyone’s home.
There are tables, chairs, armchairs and then ceramics, glassware, trays and furnishings: unique pieces, useful to enrich and decorate the home and garden.

Interior design

Over many years Elisabetta Caorsi has been designing and advising her clients in furnishing their homes with personality and identity, through careful and competent interior design work.
Alongside her clients, Elisabetta chooses the appropriate objects and furnishings to create comfortable spaces that convey lasting appeal, instilling their homes with a unique feel.


In 1995 Elisabetta Caorsi, a life-long enthusiast of 19th century English antiques and furniture, opened her shop Le stanze della memoria in the heat of Milan. Thanks to the expertise acquired through years of experience, research and selection of furniture and antiques, Elisabetta provides her customers not only her choice of antiques but also an interior design service.


The book Interior and details, published to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the store’s opening, gathers pictures of objects and furnishings that portray Elisabetta’s passion for English antiques, partly seen through the environments designed over the years for an educated and passionate clientele.
Within its pages, town and country house interiors come to life, full of distinctive objects or just brimming with unique charm, immersing the reader in suggestive atmospheres and providing guidance for crafting one’s personal style.


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